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The Journal of Bio Innovation, an International Bimonthly Journal is publishing various articles on life sciences since 2011. The peer reviewing of the papers and quality of the works of the journal has reached appreciable height in academic world and is being picked up by most of the leading Abstracting agencies.

The Twelth Volume and Second Issue of Journal of Bio Innovation comprises of research works based on Ayurvedic Sciences ,Environmental ,Clinical , Microbial Sciences, Molecular Sciences ,Health Sciences , Environmental Sciences ,Nutritional Studies, Microbial Pharmaceutical ,Agricultural , & Food Sciences .Below mentioned papers are accepted by our Editorial board considering the standards of Journal, in the Current Issue.

Full length will be uploaded in 48 Hrs i.e on or before 20.05.2023 along wit DOI activation on 23.05.2023

Volume 12 , Issue 2 (March - April-2023)

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